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The Crowns of Glory seek to equip and empower women to seek after and be hungry for God.  You are invited to join a community of women that have the desire to grown together and be strengthened by the experiencing His Grace, Power and Love.  His purpose helps us understand our value and embrace the calling on our lives.  We long to know, believe and live according to His word.  Women of all ages are welcome to come join us and see how Jesus is changing women's lives adn setting them free.  We will connect with each other and grow through dedicated service to Gods will.

Women from different walks in life and diverse backgrounds, come together and strengthen each other in their relationships with Jesus.  The pillars of the church (Read, Study, Meditate, Pray, Fast, Supplicate and Thanksgiving) help to grow our strength in Him.  We all have gifts and talents and our prayer is to help women find the places that fit their unique gifts and talents as we continue to encourage them to put their faith to the test by acting on Gods holy word.  By this, we will experience the freedom to become all that God intends for us to be.